Choosing The Best Cosmetic Dentistry In Palm Beach County

Dec 10, 2021

If you're unhappy with your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be able to help. Cosmetic dentistry can correct a wide variety of dental problems, from crooked teeth to discoloration. So, when searching for cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach County, then KA Dental might just have the right treatment for you.

At KA Dental, our office locations include Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach. All our offices offer the best services in cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach County.

While many dental offices focus on general dentistry, our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Krunal Patel and Dr. Aditi Patel have undergone additional training and gained further knowledge of dentistry at reputable cosmetic dental institutions. We can assure you that when you choose our smile makeovers you'll have one of the best dentists in West Palm Beach and the best state-of-the-art dental equipment.

At our friendly dental offices, our staff is trained to offer the best comfort and ambience to help you relax during any dental procedure.

Our free consultations allow us to walk you through the available treatments based on your needs, treatment plan process, and answer any concerns or questions you might have so you’re confident before we start any treatment. Since we strive to provide you with the best dental care, we work with all major insurance companies to keep our treatment costs affordable.

What type of people should seek out cosmetic dental care? Our offices can assist you if you are dealing with teeth stains, chips, cracks, missing teeth, or gaps. Our goal is to restore our patients' beautiful smiles regardless of the cause. Aging, wear and tear, accidents, or even poor dental habits can all contribute to damaged or decayed teeth.

By choosing out treatments, we can improve your confidence by giving you a beautiful smile to show off on any occasion -- from job interviews to formal parties with friends! So, how do you find the right treatment for you? Each patient's case is unique, but we can provide a list of treatments best suitable for some.

For Cracked, Crooked, Chipped teeth

Dental veneers are a perfect solution for improving the surface appearance of teeth by enhancing their shape and size. Porcelain veneers are crafted to fit you perfectly, so they'll complement your appearance and personality.

With two appointments, you can get a brand new smile. Our cosmetic dentists evaluate you to determine the fit and appearance of the porcelain veneers. Next, a temporary cover will be affixed to your teeth by removing a small portion of the tooth's surface. When your porcelain veneers are ready, we will remove the temporary ones and bond the permanent ones to your teeth, giving you a whiter and more even smile!

For Decayed or Broken teeth

When it comes to broken or decayed teeth, dental crowns are the most effective solution to this problem. Your teeth will be strengthened and protected from further decay.

Many dental offices may choose porcelain crowns, but we believe ceramic crowns are a better option because of their ability to mimic the translucency of natural enamel.

For Yellow or Stained Teeth

One of the best and most popular cosmetic procedures is professional teeth whitening. When it comes to professional teeth whitening, the results are more effective and quicker than store-bought kits!

At KA Dental, we offer two options: take-home whitening kits and chair side (in-office) whitening. However, we will often recommend a combined option for maximum results!

With our in-office option, the treatment can take as little as one hour to complete. Further, we can provide patients with faster results because our office products contain 25 to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. During this process, your enamel is stripped of any surface stains, as well as deep surface stains, resulting in a full restoration of your teeth’s natural color!

If you’re looking for the best results in cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach County, schedule a free consultation with KA Dental! For more information, call (561) 484-5079 or visit us online.

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