Wisdom Teeth Extractions from the best Dentist Palm Beach County

June 10, 2021

Why does the KA Dental office in West Palm Beach, FL, have a reputation for being the best dentist Palm Beach County?

It starts with our professional staff and continues through each and every one of our services. One of the most common dental procedures we perform is the extraction of wisdom teeth, which can be performed as a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. Relieving pain caused by an impacted wisdom tooth is one of the many reasons why we’re known as the best dentist Palm Beach County.

We know that wisdom teeth can be a pain to cope with once they start to emerge. In some cases, wisdom teeth can start developing in adolescents when they are 14 or 15 years old. Sometimes known as “third molars”, wisdom teeth should begin to emerge when patients are between the ages of 17 and 25. However, wisdom teeth are unpredictable and we’ve seen them begin to emerge in patients between the ages of 45 and 50, although these instances are rare.

Wisdom teeth

The term “third molars” was given to wisdom teeth because of how late they start to develop. People have four wisdom teeth that can decide to pop up whenever they feel like it. In some cases, you will be lucky enough to have only your top or bottom two wisdom teeth emerge. When they do break through, they can cause an absurd amount of pain within the gum and jaw.

The pain is created by the wisdom teeth putting pressure on the rear molars. into your back molars, thus, resulting in pain or in some cases, lock-jaw or worse. To see if your wisdom teeth are beginning to emerge, we’ll use our advanced digital X-ray technology to take a look. Based on what we see on the X-ray, we’ll put together an appropriate treatment plan.

We may be able to pull the painful wisdom teeth if enough of the tooth has emerged, or we may have to perform a surgical extraction if the tooth is impacted. An impacted tooth means it has not broken through the gum, or is blocked by another tooth, and will have to be removed by our surgical team.

We are known as the best dentist Palm Beach County for our flexibility and the many patients we have taken great care of in the past. Our general dentistry is as good or better than most other dental practices in West Palm Beach and we’ll help you or a family member get that amazing smile back.

Negative effects of wisdom teeth

Here at KA Dental, we want to prevent the negative effects that wisdom teeth can produce. If wisdom teeth are not taken out in a timely fashion, they can become impacted, which can cause other complications, including serious root and bone damage to your healthy molars. Sometimes, this can result in an infection or can cause a cyst that can also damage roots and bone support. That is why we recommend that you don’t wait if you are experiencing pain and discomfort because having healthy teeth is important to a person’s overall health. At KA Dental, we provide services and treatment that will keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. That’s why we’re the best dentist in Palm Beach County.

To book a consultation appointment visit our website or give us a call at (561) 258-9228. At KA Dental, our job is to keep you and your family comfortable with the smile you were born with. Otherwise, we are not doing our job correctly. Let us help you maintain your overall dental health.