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November 1, 2021 Blog

In recent years, Invisalign has become the go-to product for patients who want to wear something other than traditional braces. Invisalign trays are designed to move teeth like traditional braces but not look and feel the way braces once did. For Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County, look to the experts at KA Dental.

The use of traditional wire and bracket braces has become antiquated. There are many reasons why, but let’s just say patients had grown tired of the old way of aligning teeth, especially when the brackets became loose or the metal wires started to cut into their cheeks. It’s safe to say the outdated techniques of wire braces may soon go the way of floppy disks and rotary phones.

Braces should not diminish your confidence but many people were afraid to show their smiles because of the wires, rubber bands, and other complications presented by traditional braces. Invisalign is made of clear plastic and is removable. Normal braces do not allow you to eat certain foods because they become stuck or could damage the bracket.

Because Invisalign aligner trays are removable, you do not have to miss out on your favorite snack. Invisalign clear aligners are also much more comfortable than braces and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. If you don’t want your closest friends to know you’re wearing the Invisalign trays, you don’t have to tell them because they may not notice.

The one thing Invisalign treatments can’t change is the amount of time it will take to adjust to the trays being in your mouth and the pain and discomfort you’re likely to experience during the first week or two that you’re wearing them. Give it time because Invisalign treatment in Palm County Beach from KA Dental is the modern solution for misaligned teeth.

There are certain drawbacks with all treatments and that includes some with Invisalign. Along with a bigger price tag, there is the risk of plaque developing on the trays which means greater care must be taken when brushing.

The ability to easily remove the trays from your mouth can be a drawback too. It could become easy to give yourself a break from the pressure on your teeth as they shift. As a result, this will lengthen the time it takes for your teeth to become aligned. You should only remove the trays when eating or brushing and flossing your teeth.

There’s also the possibility that Invisalign may not be possible to use if your teeth are severely misaligned. Our dentist in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL, office will be able to determine if Invisalign is the proper treatment for you.

Requiring braces should not be the end of the world. Modern orthodontic techniques allow for teeth alignment without interfering with your day-to-day activities. Invisalign treatment in Palm County Beach is the perfect solution for braces.

If you believe your teeth are misaligned and could use Invisalign, contact our KA Dental office in Palm Beach Gardens by calling 561.258.9231 or visiting our website.