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November 2, 2021 Blog

In order to find ideal dental implants Palm Beach County, it’s a good idea to start at KA Dental in Royal Palm Beach, FL. Our team has the knowledge and experience and our dentists are devoted to helping all our patients achieve the best possible results.

Getting the best dental implants Palm Beach County and the best results for your overall oral health starts with an examination and X-rays. Getting a close-up look at your natural teeth and the condition of your jaw will help our team develop a treatment plan that will get your smile back in order.

It will also help our dental office team determine what is the best long-term approach to replacing your missing tooth or extracting a tooth damaged by decay or a tooth that has been broken in an accident. In addition to an implant, we could also recommend other solutions based on the overall health of your mouth, teeth, and gums.

Depending on the health of your gums and teeth, you could also be a candidate for dentures (if multiple teeth need to be replaced) or a bridge (if the best option is using two adjacent teeth to create an abutment for the bridge.)

Here at KA Dental, your comfort is our top priority. We understand that for our younger patients, going to the dentist for a check-up can be daunting. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure our older and younger patients will receive a productive visit.

When it comes to the process of dental implants, our team wants to stay on the same page as our patients. Anyone at any age can suffer the loss of a tooth and need a tooth replacement. If a patient has suffered from years of periodontal disease that may have contributed to bone loss in the jaw, teeth may need to be replaced to restore your smile and help prevent additional bone loss.

Our experienced team of professions has completed many implants and extractions. Before your procedure, our staff will fill you in on the process and make sure you are comfortable. If patients are to receive quality dental implants Palm Beach County must be in a positive state of mind and confidence that our team is providing the best possible care.

For patients who need to replace one or more teeth, dental implants are the right option. Dental implants can produce more exquisite results than a bridge or dentures. Your implant will look new and like a natural tooth.

Although the process takes several months, it will be like you never lost your tooth in the first place. KA Dental can fix an entire row of missing teeth but patience must be part of the process. Implants take time and our dentists and teamwork with the talented technicians in our in-house dental lab to create appliances and fabrications that help our patients.

When the restorations are complete, the appliances will stay in your mouth permanently. It will be as if you never lost any teeth in the first place. Your smile will be bright as ever after the restorative dentistry efforts from KA Dental.

Your recovery time following the placement of the implant itself will be reduced when working with our team and following their strategies. Your smile will be as straight as ever and look restored once your implant is complete.

Do not wait to schedule an initial appointment for dental implants Palm Beach County. No patient should have to live with periodontal disease. To schedule an initial appointment with one of our experienced dentists, call 561.258.9215 or visit our website. We hope to aid your smile!


August 15, 2021 Blog

Dental implants can be a motor, speech, and cosmetic solution for tooth loss. KA Dental has dentists who will make dental implants Palm Beach County to fit your face structure, restoring your perfect smile.

Depending on your individual situation, patients can choose to have a single tooth or multiple teeth implanted. An implant for a single tooth is certainly more common, but more and more patients who would traditionally get dentures to replace multiple teeth are now opting to place implants that are then used as abutments for dentures.

The dentures are clipped to the implants, providing a sturdier base for the denture and eliminating the need for patients to hold the dentures in place with an adhesive paste. If you’re seeking a more reliable option and comfortable fit, snap-on dentures allow you to chew a wider variety of foods. The dentures are removable, as they are attached to clips that extend from the implants, all while staying firm.

The process of dental implants Palm Beach County has two stages: placement and restoration.

During the placement phase, one or more metal implants are surgically placed in the patient’s jawbone, where the old tooth roots were located. The implants have the same feel and look as natural teeth, so patients will feel confident with their new smile. Before the procedure, the oral surgeons will examine your facial structure and mouth to assess whether dental implants are appropriate, based on your bone structure.

During the restoration phase, your implants fuse with the bone tissue in your jaw, laying a foundation in the tooth’s arch. Then, your new crown/denture will be attached to your implant(s), which is fabricated based on the shape and color of your natural teeth.

KA Dental offers high quality, full-service care for dental implants Palm Beach County, meaning that you can have both stages completed by our team, rather than being referred to an outside oral surgeon for the placement phase. In other words, the KA Dental office in Jupiter, FL, is a convenient option for any new or existing patients who live in the local area.

Our KA Dental office in Jupiter is just one of our five locations in Palm Beach County. For more information, visit https://kadental.com/. For a free consultation at our Jupiter office, please call (561) 484-5079 or email [email protected].

We look forward to treating all your dental needs.


June 3, 2021 dental implants

If you are looking for reasonable dental implants cost Palm Beach County, FL, look no further than KA Dental. With years of experience and expertise, the KA Dental team in Royal Palm Beach is ready to serve your needs.

With a team of dedicated dental associates, dental assistants, hygienists, and administrative staff who are all thoroughly trained, we’re committed to making your visits to our practice in Royal Palm Beach as easy as possible.

We offer services in general dentistry (preventative, restorative, periodontal therapy, wisdom teeth extractions, X-rays, laser, and emergency dentistry), oral sedation, gum disease, dentures, smile makeover, and braces in addition to our dental implants.

We try to keep dental implants cost Palm Beach County as low as possible because anyone can suffer the unfortunate loss of a tooth, but with the help of our dental implants, we can restore your smile in short order. Not only does an implant appear as though it is a natural tooth, they feel that way too. What makes our services so appealing is that our professional technicians can fix your missing teeth in just a couple of visits.

For those patients who do not want an immediate fix, dentures are a more stable and reliable option. Dentures are removable and allow patients to easily consume food. These dentures do not use any suction or adhesive glue to stay in place, instead we attach the dentures to clips to keep them in the correct position. Moreover, our dentures are natural looking and are durable for everyday activities.

If you decide on our dental implant services, we will have you come in for our placement phase of the process. Here, we will place the implant anchor into the jaw where the tooth used to be. After the implant fuses with the bone tissue in the jaw, the restoration phase can begin.

During the restoration phase, the custom-crafted crown will be fabricated after a mold is created. This restoration will match the color of any remaining natural teeth and will seamlessly align with the rest of your smile. Our hope is that with your new dental implants you can be more confident chewing, speaking, and smiling.

Our team at our office in Royal Palm Beach is excited to meet with you and discuss the possibilities of a dental implant. If you are interested in any of our services, and have questions about dental implants cost Palm Beach, please contact us on our website.

We have other locations in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Boynton Beach, and West Palm Beach so there’s a KA Dental office near where you live. Our website contains contact information for all five of our locations, as well as our hours of operation and an interactive chat feature.

Please also consider texting (561) 660-0705 for a quick answer to any of your questions. At KA Dental we are prepared to treat you right and restore your smile with dental implants!


May 27, 2021 Blogdental implants

You’ve done it; you’ve finally gotten dental implants and are ecstatic with your new smile. Unfortunately, you’re not out of the clear yet. It’s important to work to maintain your new smile and take care of your full arch dental implants so you get long term wear out of them. Keep reading to discover our top 4 tips to maintaining dental implants Palm Beach County, FL.

1. Avoid harsh products

This should go without saying, but steer clear of products with abrasives in them. That means you’ll want to opt for toothpaste and mouthwash designed for sensitive teeth. If you really want to minimize discomfort, you should steer clear from strong-flavored oral health products such as mint and cinnamon.

2. Use a soft toothbrush

This goes hand and hand with using harsh products. Swap out your old toothbrush for a soft nylon one. Nylon toothbrushes have gentle, pliable bristles that will help make your implants last longer. Toothbrushes with hard bristles can scratch and damage the surface of your implants, meaning more time back in your dentist’s chair and more money out of your pocket.

If you really want to maintain your implants, consider purchasing a toothbrush that is specifically designed for implant care. FlossAction and CrossAction heads from Oral-B are two excellent options. Your oral surgeon may also recommend interdental brushes, which can get in between your teeth for an even deeper clean.

3. Avoid hard foods

No one wants to hear that their diet has to be restricted from an oral procedure designed for restoring their natural teeth. However, after your surgery you should avoid most hard foods. This includes: apples, chips, carrots, tough meat such as steak, hard candy, and the list goes on.

Avoiding these foods while you’re recovering will make your treatment plan go much smoother and minimize discomfort. Once you’ve completely healed, it’s safe to slowly begin reincorporating some of these foods into your diet.

If you can, most dentists recommend avoiding as much hard food as possible even after your implants have healed to minimize implant or tooth replacement from unnecessary damage. However, dentists also realize that we’re human and hard food every now and then isn’t going to completely ruin your smile or damage multiple teeth. After all, one of the reasons you probably got dental implants in the first place is for restoring your smile, replacing teeth, or strengthening your damaged natural teeth.

4. Floss regularly

The American Dental Association claims that flossing is an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums; you should have been doing it well before you had implants to minimize tooth loss in the first place. Flossing minimizes the possibility of tooth decay and gum diseases. However, flossing with dental implants is even more important because plaque can accumulate around your implants, damaging them over time.

To make flossing easy, try setting a reminder on your phone to ensure you do it every day. If you’re going out to lunch with a friend, stick some floss in your bag or car for once your get together is over. As a general rule of thumb, you should floss within half an hour of when you finish eating.

Whether you recently got dental implants and are trying to figure out how to maintain them or you’re considering getting dental implants in the first place, KA Dental Boynton Beach is here to answer all your questions. For more information about dental implants Palm Beach County and a full list of procedures, check out KA Dental online.

To schedule a free consultation today, call the KA Dental office in Boynton Beach, FL at
561.556.4082. We look forward to helping you restore your facial structure, supplement your overall health, and helping you achieve the smile you deserve.


May 18, 2021 Blogdental implants

If you need to replace one or more of your teeth without breaking the bank, we offer a low dental implants cost in Palm Beach County. Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional dentistry and high quality care at every visit.

There is no perfect candidate for dental implants. In fact, anyone at any age can suffer tooth loss and need an implant. Whether it be a teenager losing a tooth or an adult who needs tooth extractions or dentures, there are many different definitions of a ‘good candidate’ for implants.

Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement solutions available. This long term solution produces better results than any bridge, partial, or denture, because implants mimic the structure of your natural teeth.

Because of this, if you have experienced tooth loss or decay, we highly recommend you consult with us about receiving a dental implant procedure. This dental procedure can be the first step toward achieving overall health for your teeth.

There are a number of different treatment plans that you can try, depending on the number of teeth you lost or need to be fixed. For example, you can receive an implant for just one tooth, or for your full arch. Be sure to speak to one of our specialists to determine what implant placement plan is best for you.

You may be wondering what the entire dental implant process will look like. At KA Dental, we can complete the dental implant process in two phases: placement and restoration.

The first step is the placement phase. This is when metal implants are surgically placed in the jawbone where the old tooth roots once were. Depending on how many teeth you need restored determines how many implants we need to put in.

The second step is the restoration phase. This step occurs after the metal implants placed in step one fuse with the bone tissue in your jaw. In the restoration phase, your new crown or denture is attached to the implant.

Some patients worry that dental implants may look fake, but there is no need to stress about this. Our lab carefully creates each implant to match the color and size of your normal teeth. Your implants will be crafted to blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

The next question you may have is how much dental implants cost in Palm Beach County. We know that this process may seem very expensive, but our team works to make this dental health procedure as affordable as possible.

One way we keep costs reasonable is by providing the procedure in-house. Most dental practices need to refer their patients to an oral surgeon for dental implants. At KA Dental, however, our doctors provide full-service implant care in-house.

Being sent to a specialist can often be extremely expensive, whereas receiving the procedure right in our office can be a more affordable option. Plus, you can feel comfortable receiving the treatment from a team that you already know and trust.

We know that this process may seem overwhelming, and we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We will support you every step of the way, from your first consultation to your final appointment. If you have any questions at any time, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

If you want to receive implants in Jupiter, FL, look no further than KA Dental. Our experienced team is ready to help you restore your smile and achieve top tier oral health. For your free consultation or to schedule an appointment, visit our website. We would love to help you determine your dental implants cost in Palm Beach County and get the process started!


February 11, 2021 Blogdental implants

KA Dental has distinguished dentists known for dental implants Palm Beach County. There are many benefits to dental implants including: they are durable and built to last, but most importantly, they give you the confidence and smile you deserve. With dental implants, you can eat hard-to-chew foods, they can also correct your speech and appearance, and they can boost oral health. Here are four reasons to consider why you may need dental implants:

1. Tooth Replacement

The most common reason people consider dental implants is because they are missing one or more of their natural teeth. We know that having a gap in your smile can damage your confidence, causing embarrassment or anxiety while smiling, eating, or talking. Missing teeth can make it difficult and painful to eat. In this case, a dental implant will serve as a tooth replacement, filling in the gap where the other missing natural tooth or teeth used to be.

If you have lost most or all of your teeth, your dentist may recommend full arch dental implants. As the name implies, a full arch dental implant can be used to span the full mouth. This option is more affordable and convenient than dentures, which is why patients often opt for this “dentures implant” equivalent.

2. Damaged Teeth

Some people may not be missing teeth, but may have a broken or cracked tooth. This can also make it difficult to eat. In this instance, a dental implant or a dental crown may be the best fit for you.

A single crown acts like a cap for your damaged tooth. Dental crowns are contingent upon how much natural tooth is remaining and healthy. If there is not much natural tooth left, a dental implant may be the next course of action, which would require extracting the damaged natural tooth.

The implant would replace that tooth, matching the unique look and feel of your other teeth. Similarly, severely decayed teeth sometimes cannot be saved with fillings or crowns and therefore need to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant.

3. Bone Loss

Dental implants help prevent bone loss because they significantly slow the deterioration of bone tissue in your jaw. The part of the implant that gets embedded in the jaw bone acts as an artificial tooth root. Because the dental implants are titanium or zirconium, which naturally bond to the bone tissue, the implant is able to root in the jaw and stimulate bone growth just as the natural tooth would.

Dentists at KA Dental that specialize in dental implants Palm Beach County take into consideration both placement and restoration to ensure each dental implant significantly minimizes bone deterioration, allowing for long term benefits.

4. Facial Deformity

Many people that once had dentures turn to dental implants to correct their sunken-in facial appearance. Dentures do not stimulate growth of new bone tissue as dental implants do. With dentures, bone loss is inevitable, leading to facial collapse.

When you no longer have any teeth, there are no roots to support your teeth and your body begins to reabsorb minerals in your jaw bone. Over time, this leads to bone loss, creating a sunken-in facial appearance. Dental implants, on the other hand, use a process called osseointegration to help stimulate growth of jaw bone tissue.

KA Dental is here to help figure out the best treatment plan for you. For more information about dental implants Palm Beach County and a full list of procedures, check out KA Dental online at https://kadental.com/. To schedule a free consultation today, call the KA Dental office in West Palm Beach, FL at 561.258.9228. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile you deserve.