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If your smile needs restorative care, let Dr. Krunal Patel and Dr. Aditi Patel of KA Dental Group help you and your family. Our team offers a comprehensive range of latest and most popular restorative services in the industry.

Starting with your very first appointment, we promise and exceed your expectation to understand your needs and treat them in the most personalized fashion possible. We will ensure that you understand all your options, so that you can make the most educated treatment choices possible.

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Treating Cavities with Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the past, having a cavity treated meant an unattractive gray filling, known as an amalgam filling, placed on your tooth. Thankfully, amalgam fillings, which are made of metal, are no longer the primary solution for treating cavities. At KA Dental Group, patients who need treatment for decay can look forward to discreet care with tooth-colored fillings. These fillings, also known as composite fillings, can be shaded to blend in with your teeth color for results that look natural.

The benefits of tooth-colored fillings extend beyond this attractive cosmetic benefit. However, Tooth-colored fillings are also more conservative than amalgam fillings. Composite resin, the material used for tooth-colored fillings, is more supportive of the tooth’s natural structure than amalgam. As a result, we can remove less of your tooth structure as we’re preparing it for treatment. Keeping more of your natural tooth structure will help you preserve your teeth going forward

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Are you ready to renew your smile with restorative care? We also offer inlays and onlays based on your oral requirements to help us to protect your natural tooth structure. Call KA Dental Group in Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach or Jupiter to schedule your appointment.