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Botox treatments at the dentist's office??


Here is why your dentist may be the best choice for Botox treatments for medical or cosmetic reasons.

Botox use is not new; it has been successfully used for medical and cosmetic purposes for over twenty years, with a well-established history of safety. Initially provided by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Botox is now available in select dental offices like KA Dental in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Our dentists are uniquely qualified to administer Botox because of their extensive knowledge of face, head, and neck anatomy. KA Dental dentists are also experts at injections due to their vast experience administering precise doses of numbing medications for dental procedures, which means you can expect minimal discomfort with the Botox injections.

Botox has been used with great success to treat headaches, including migraines, jaw pain, tooth clenching, and tooth grinding, by targeting the muscle-relaxing effects of Botox in specific areas to provide relief. The results of Botox are long-lasting; you can expect relief to last from three to six months, possibly longer. Most patients report significant relief of physical discomfort with Botox's proper dose and administration when used for medical purposes. Ask your dentist today if you, too, can benefit from Botox to address pain related to muscle spasms. Join the multitude of patients experiencing the relief Botox can deliver!

Medical treatments with Botox are not the end of how your dentist can improve your next dental visit. Your dentist can also provide the coveted cosmetic benefits of Botox. Appropriately dosed, correctly injected Botox can erase years off your appearance by smoothing out crow's feet, erasing forehead furrows, and reducing frown lines.

Once mainly used by celebrities and the wealthy, Botox has become popular with the mainstream. There are a few misconceptions surrounding Botox use; let's look at a few.

Botox is a dangerous procedure

Botox has a long history of safety when administered by a qualified professional

Botox is just for women and celebrities

Men are jumping on the Botox bandwagon at higher rates than ever before. Men like to look their best too! Botox has hit the mainstream, with millions of people taking advantage of the benefits every year. There's a good chance you know someone using Botox, but all you see is how refreshed and youthful they look.

I will look 'frozen' if I use Botox

The horror stories of people using Botox and experiencing a mask-like expressionless face after treatment are due to poor placement of the Botox injection. Dentists have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the face, so you can rest assured that Botox will be placed where it needs to be for the desired outcome.

Botox is just for wrinkles

There is a long list of conditions Botox can improve, from reducing the severity and frequency of migraines to mitigating excessive sweating.

Botox is too expensive

The price of Botox will vary depending on the amount of Botox your specific issue requires, but you will probably be surprised at how affordable Botox treatment can be.

Call KA Dental today to schedule a consultation to see what Botox can do for you!

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