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July 16, 2021

Dental emergencies are something that most people aren’t prepared for. Fortunately, the Palm Beach orthodontist at KA Dental can provide many possible dental services and treatment options that can help during any occasion. When the unexpected happens, our emergency dentistry is ready to help.

You should treat dental emergencies like any other medical emergency by looking for warning signs. Some common dental emergencies are cracking a tooth, losing a tooth, and toothaches. In general, you should recognize that any dental problem that causes serious pain or bleeding needs immediate attention. When faced with situations like these you should call your nearest KA Dental office to report your emergency.

By calling KA Dental, our Palm Beach orthodontist will give expert tips and advice for your situation. While on call, we will help schedule a time for you to come in for treatment. Same-day treatment is provided for emergencies and we make every effort to make sure we can give you the same-day care you need. In the event that you can’t reach us or you believe your emergency to be advanced or life-threatening, you should go to the nearest hospital emergency room for treatment.

The aftermath of losing teeth and other emergencies can be shocking and devastating. Our Palm Beach orthodontist at KA Dental understands this and can provide you with the services you need to recover. Our state-of-the-art dental services such as implants and braces can improve and restore your beautiful smile.

After tooth loss, many patients can replace one or more teeth with the highest quality implants. Our implants mimic the natural structure of the tooth and can be used to replace an entire arch or a single tooth in just a visit or two. The results of the dental implant process include a natural smile, the ability to eat hard food again, and even possible speech and appearance improvement. Schedule a consultation with our dentists to determine if dental implants are for you.

Another great treatment for tooth loss is Snap-on dentures. They offer a natural-looking smile and unlike other dentures, don’t attach to your gums. Snap-on dentures instead attach onto clips from dental implants to provide an easy and comfortable fit.

For crowded teeth, overbites, and other jaw issues, braces are a great solution. Our orthodontic treatment and quality orthodontic care corrects cosmetic and medical problems. Talk to your Palm Beach orthodontist to determine if braces are for you.

KA Dental offers a variety of services that can respond to your dental needs. Our team offers unsurpassed care and quality in Palm Beach County with five KA Dental locations in Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach.

To learn more about our Palm Beach Garden location or to schedule an appointment visit krunalp.sg-host.com or call (561) 258-9231.