Find the best dentures Palm Beach County at KA Dental

September 17, 2021

Dentures were once a fairly common dental procedure that has become less so as technology and new techniques have become available. But at KA Dental, you can still get the best dentures Palm Beach County to serve as permanent replacements for teeth that may have been lost in an accident or removed because of severe decay.

Age is another reason why people lose their teeth. As we age, teeth that were once strong and white may start to become loose and turn yellow. You may start to notice more space developing between your teeth. Some of these teeth may need to be removed by the dentist to ensure the overall health of your gums and mouth.

For older patients who have missing or damaged teeth, dentures may be an option to restore structure to the jaw and ensure that foods can be enjoyed well into the later years of life. If you’re old enough, you may remember your parents or grandparents having a container next to their bathroom sink where they soaked their dentures each night.

Our KA Dental office in Jupiter, FL, specializes in restorative treatments and is known to create some of the best dentures Palm Beach County. That’s possible because of our in-house dental lab which allows us to craft and fabricate dentures on-site rather than sending them to a remote dental lab for fabrication.

The on-site lab means patients spend less time waiting for their appliance and spend less money for their treatments, another reason KA Dental is able to deliver the best dentures Palm Beach County. Our lab technicians can craft both full and partial dentures depending on the type of appliance the patient requires.

Missing teeth can also affect the way patients speak and eat. When patients come to KA Dental for dentures, they are most likely missing several teeth already or are facing the removal of teeth that have been damaged by decay or damaged in some other manner.

Dentures can improve a patient’s speech because having a full mouth of teeth allows the tongue to properly push against the teeth to aid in the making of sound. In order to speak naturally, your tongue has to work properly and dentures provide a better fit for your tongue by moving it back into your mouth, which helps to restore a natural speaking voice.

Dentures also make it easier for people to maintain proper oral hygiene. People who have missing or damaged teeth are more likely to have bad oral hygiene habits, which leads to gingivitis and bad breath. With dentures, bad breath is easily remedied. The metal used in denture design helps keep the odor from permeating through the enamel of the teeth. Your mouth is less likely to absorb foul-smelling substances from foods or drinks.

KA Dental also offers implant-retained dentures, another reason the practice is recognized for the best dentures Palm Beach County. Implant-retained dentures are essentially implants that hold the denture in place. It provides a sturdier base for the denture and encourages bone growth in your jaw.

It is a good idea to talk to your dentist before undergoing any type of cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach County, just to be sure you are making the correct decision, and to weigh all the positives and negatives of the procedure. You should also ask how much a particular procedure is going to cost and verify coverage with your insurance carrier before treatment.

Call KA Dental today to schedule a consultation for the best dentures Palm Beach County. Reach our Jupiter office at 561.258.9239 or go online at and schedule an appointment on our website. While you’re on our website, take a look at our other services. We’ll see you soon!