Some Tips to Preserve a Tooth Following an Accident

January 21, 2021

There are times when every minute counts if a person needs an emergency dentist Palm Beach County.

When a person suffers a dental injury during a sporting event, recreational activity, or vehicle accident, getting the person who has been injured to an emergency dentist Palm Beach County as quickly as possible can be important, especially in cases when a tooth or teeth have been dislodged from the person’s mouth.

When a tooth or teeth have been dislodged, they can be saved by an emergency dentist Palm Beach County if some simple steps are followed. Staying calm and composed in the immediate aftermath of an injury to a child or an adult family member is easier said than done, but remembering to follow these steps could save any teeth that have been dislodged from the mouth and save thousands of dollars in dental repairs.

If a tooth has been knocked free, the best thing to do is put the tooth back into the open space in the mouth. There is likely to be a lot of blood, and if the injured person is a child, there is likely to be tears and plenty of anxiety. But, the tooth can be preserved for the emergency dentist Palm Beach County by putting it back into the open socket in the mouth, or by placing it in the mouth between the cheek and child so the root of the tooth remains moist and viable.

Sounds simple, right? Well, there are some things that shouldn’t be done. The tooth should be handled as little as possible. If the tooth is found, it should be picked up by the crown, not by the roots. If the tooth is covered with debris and dirt, it should be lightly rinsed in milk. And be careful not to drop the tooth because any impact could damage the roots.

If there’s no milk available, the tooth can be rinsed in warm water. Do not use any type of soap or disinfectant to clean the tooth, and the tooth shouldn’t be brushed or wiped with a washcloth, towel, or toothbrush. Finally, the sooner the patient — and the tooth — can be taken to an emergency dentist Palm Beach County such as KA Dental, the more likely the tooth can be saved.

The staff at the KA Dental office in Jupiter, FL, will conduct an examination of the patient and the tooth as quickly as possible. If the bone surrounding the area of the missing tooth has not been damaged, the area will be prepped and the tooth will be put back into place. It could take as many as 6 to 8 weeks for the area of the wound to heal.

The dentist at KA Dental may need to use special dental materials or a dental splint to hold the tooth in place as it heals. Adjacent teeth may also be used to help anchor the damaged tooth in place. Follow-up appointments will need to be scheduled so the dentist can monitor the area.

KA Dental now has five offices in Palm Beach County. To reach the Jupiter office for emergency dental services, call 561.258.9239 or go to to schedule a consultation online. KA Dental is available to help with any type of dental emergency you or a family member may have suffered. Call our office today.