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It’s been a rite of passage for adolescents for decades. At some point during the journey to adulthood, wearing braces to correct an overbite or straighten some crooked teeth was ultimately a part of the plan. Luckily, Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County came along.

Unfortunately for many, this also happened at about the same time we started high school, so we got to hear all the rude jokes and cruel nicknames that came when our mouths were filled with wire and metal. It was bad enough for boys and even a more traumatic life experience for young girls.

Today, kids don’t need to go through all that emotional pain because of Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County from KA Dental. The Invisalign process uses clear, custom-made aligners that are virtually invisible when they are being worn.

There’s no annoying headgear, no metal braces, or no colorful rubber bands that call attention to the fact that your mouth is full of braces. Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County is less intrusive and the trays can be removed when it’s time to eat or time to brush and floss the teeth.

For people who are old enough to have worn braces, it took some calisthenics and flexibility to be able to brush and floss the teeth with a mouthful of wire and metal. It wasn’t easy and many people had to return for extensive teeth cleanings after the braces were removed because so much plaque had formed on their teeth.

At our KA Dental office in West Palm Beach, FL, our staff will provide expert advice and exceptional services, including Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County for patients who would rather avoid wearing braces to correct small to moderate alignment issues with their teeth.

Unlike the traditional metal braces, Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County from KA Dental allows patients to undergo treatment without being self-conscious about their appearance.

It’s much easier to care for Invisalign trays as well. As mentioned before, patients can remove the aligner trays when they eat and brush their teeth, and your teeth and gums will look healthier as the treatment progresses. Patients will get a new set of computer-generated trays every 2-3 weeks so the teeth will move and adjust at a slow and consistent pace.

Drs. Krunal Patel and Aditi Patel also specialize in traditional braces, crowns, and veneers which are all effective treatments to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth.

Regardless of the services you’re interested in receiving, call the KA Dental office in West Palm Beach today at 561.258.9228 to schedule a free consultation, or go to and schedule an appointment online.

While you’re visiting our website, be sure to take a look at all the services that we have available. We look forward to hearing from you!


June 2, 2021 Blogfamily dentist

As the technology of oral healthcare steadily becomes more advanced, KA Dental, a family dentist Palm Beach County, wants the best for you and your family. The services that we offer at our Palm Beach Gardens office range from implants and dentures to smile makeover services. Our cosmetic dentistry is far more advanced than ever before and we will provide any patient with one of the best dental experiences ever.

With our outstanding cosmetic dentistry, you and your entire family can be at the peak of oral health. The experience starts right as you walk through the door. You will be greeted by our friendly and professional staff that will strive to give you the best results possible. We want our patients to form a special bond with our family dentist Palm Beach County as we provide you with dental health that you can celebrate as you show off the results of a beautiful, new smile.

If you are self conscious about your smile before walking through the door, do not be concerned. With our smile makeover service, we can make your anxiety a thing of the past. Gone will be the days of stress-inducing visits to the dentist office. If you think it is too good to be true, think again. We take great pride in the work that we do. We make sure that our work gives our patients the utmost satisfaction. We promise that you will not be uncomfortable during any of your visits. Luckily for you, our family dentist Palm Beach County has five different locations scattered throughout the area

Here are our locations which will provide all patients with incredible services:

Palm Beach Gardens
(561) 258-9231

Royal Palm Beach
(561) 258-9215

West Palm Beach
(561) 258-9228

(561) 725-5563

Boynton Beach
(561) 556-4082

Smile Makeover

By having this many locations, we can provide high-quality services for you and your family — especially when it comes to improving your smile. If you have ever had chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, cracked teeth, stained teeth, or crooked teeth, we can create a solution for you!

Our smile makeover service helps with just that. We are able to reconstruct the original shape and placement of your teeth. We guarantee that you will be amazed by the results. Our state-of-the-art facilities will provide you with the best dental care possible. We are here to help with any dental issues you or a member of your family might be having.

If you are unsure of our capabilities, give us a call and schedule a consultation at the KA Dental location that is most convenient. Visit our website for more information. We promise to make your smile the best it can be at our family dentist Palm Beach County.


April 11, 2021 Blogfamily dentist

While looking for a family dentistry office, it can be hard to find the one that will take care of all of your family’s needs. As a family dentist Palm Beach County, KA Dental has everything you and your family members need. While there are numerous places to receive dental care in the county, our expert dentists provide premier services suitable for all ages.

Before scheduling an appointment with us, it is important that you understand what services we provide. As a family dentist Palm Beach County, we provide many services but two of the most popular services at our family dental clinic are braces and bi-annual cleanings. Braces help children (or adults for that matter) with a misaligned bite or gaps in their teeth and are a common solution for these issues.

Braces stop an underbite from creating problems with your jaw, since an overbite could possibly lead to gum damage, jaw pain, tooth wear or difficulty sleeping at night. That is why when you enter our office, we evaluate your smile for any of these conditions.

Another service that we specialize in, as a family dentist Palm Beach County, is the preventative work needed to stop future damage to your smile. The preventative work we do consists of bi-annual cleanings and personalized mouth guards. Our mouth guards are perfect for any athlete who wants to reduce possible damage to their smile if they are involved in a collision. If a mouth guard is not used and you damage a tooth, then our restorative services are available to help you repair or replace the damaged tooth.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of these two services: mouth guards and dental sealants. First, mouth guards serve as a preventative function, reducing the possibility of tooth loss or chipping while playing a sport. Not wearing one can cause a smile to go from beautiful to broken. Having a custom mouth guard will protect the teeth from any damage during competitive events.

Dental sealants are an important step to stop young molars from decay and periodontal disease. Most children do a poor job of keeping their molars clean. Neglect is a factor but even for children who do brush well, the molars are located at the back of the mouth and are difficult to keep clean. Our dental sealant service spreads a protective coating over the molars so bacteria has a harder time working its way into a molar’s cracks and crevices.

Because we are a family dentist, we are able to detect tooth damage early in life and keep your smile bright and natural looking. These two services work together to protect a smile from damage. Our experts at KA Dental have perfected both procedures in order to ensure your teeth get the service they need.

We have been practicing extreme caution while providing our services throughout the pandemic. Upon entering, your temperature will be checked and you will be guided to the dentist’s chair. While there may be another family dentistry Palm Beach County, at KA Dental we pride ourselves in offering the best services around.

With our state-of-the-art preventative and repair work, your smile will be left looking perfect. To learn more about our services or book a visit, check out our website here or call our office at (561) 258-9228. We look forward to serving you and your family!


February 4, 2021 Blogfamily dentist

KA Dental in Royal Palm Beach, FL, is a family dentist Palm Beach County that is your source for any and all essential dental needs.

Located near the corner of Royal Palm Beach and Okeechobee boulevards, KA Dental has a beautiful office fit for patients of all ages, young and old.

Doctors Krunal Patel, Aditi Patel, and Sandra Hosh are active in various dental associations. As well as being extremely experienced in their field. You can trust them to get the job done and help you achieve your dental goals.

As a family dentist Palm Beach County, KA Dental offers a variety of services. They range from routine check-ups and cleanings to complex treatments. KA Dental is perfect for the entire family! The doctors at KA Dental pride themselves on treating each of their patients with care, and make sure each patient has a pleasant dental experience.

KA Dental in Royal Palm Beach offers comprehensive services including its very own on-site dental lab. Then your crowns, bridges, and dentures don’t need to be shipped out to dental labs across the county. The highly qualified technicians who make your restorations in our lab are well experienced. They will also ensure to complete your appliance in a timely manner.

KA Dental, being a family dentist Palm Beach County, offers various money-saving specials. This assures that finances don’t get in the way of its patients getting the dental treatments that are needed. They also work with all major dental insurance providers.

KA Dental’s office in Royal Palm Beach is committed to offering the best possible dental experience for you and your entire family.

Call (561) 258-9215 to schedule a free consultation today. For more information and to see all of the treatments that are offered at our practice, be sure to visit


February 3, 2021 Blogfamily dentist

As oral healthcare technology continues to evolve, you and your family deserve the best, most cutting-edge dental care available. At KA Dental, a family dentist Palm Beach County, our personnel work to provide the best experience a family could ask for.

Whether you are a child in need of a cleaning, a teenager in need of braces, or an adult in need of more advanced care, KA Dental has what you need and more. Specializing in a variety of fields ranging from preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry to dental implants and smile makeovers, our office produces the absolute best quality using the latest and greatest in dental technology.

The experience starts right when you walk through the door, as our family dentist Palm Beach County prides itself on its comfortable, relaxing environment. Gone are the days of the stress-induced, bleak, painful trips to the dentist. Our office and staff in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is here to reflect the utmost care when it comes to your experience. We will answer any question with friendliness and professionalism, and only offer the best advice based on your dental needs. We recognize all situations and will also work with you to ensure that you maximize the affordability of your treatment.

This care extends to your treatment itself, as our innovative technology ensures painless injections, more efficient X-rays, and specialized laser treatment to minimize any and all discomfort. Our more advanced restorative treatments such as teeth fillings follow suit, as our brand new fillings do away with the noticeable metallic fillings of the past. Instead, KA Dental utilizes colored fillings that match your teeth and create the perfect smile.

With all these advances in technology also comes the ability to help the patient in new and advanced ways. Our brilliant staff will sit down and educate you on all the necessary components to maintaining and improving your dental health, as well as being able to identify any health concerns such as signs of oral cancer, AIDS, and anorexia, to name a few.

So going forward, give yourself the treatment and smile you deserve at our family dentist Palm Beach County office in Palm Beach Gardens. Between our state-of-the-art office, to our incredible staff, to our cutting-edge innovations in dental technology, there is no better place to put your trust than in KA Dental — home of exceptional dentistry, and unsurpassed care.


January 30, 2021 Blogfamily dentist

The leading family dentist Palm Beach County is expanding its services into Boynton Beach, FL.

KA Dental recently opened its fifth office in Palm Beach County, this one at 10301 Hagen Ranch Road, Suite C140, in Boynton Beach. This gives the team at KA Dental more opportunities to serve local residents with high quality dental care as a top family dentist Palm Beach County.

If you are a parent who is just starting a family, KA Dental is the oral healthcare team that you want to trust to help your children build good dental habits early in their lives. Studies show that children who start good dental routines when they are young will have fewer cavities and healthier teeth as they become adults.

There are many reasons why KA Dental has a reputation as a superior family dentist Palm Beach County. Here are a few:

Advanced technology and training

Led by Drs. Aditi Patel and Krunal Patel, the staff at KA Dental works tirelessly each day to guarantee that every patient receives the best possible dental care. This is accomplished by using the most advanced technology and continually upgrading techniques to provide high-quality care that exceeds the expectations of our patients.

Excellent comprehensive services

The basics are the first step to a comprehensive care plan for each patient. KA Dental starts with regular check-ups that allow our team to monitor the condition of a patient’s teeth and gums. Bi-annual cleanings from our hygienists will thoroughly scrape away tartar and plaque that can build up on teeth and cause gingivitis or other periodontal diseases. Yearly X-rays will show if a child’s teeth are growing properly and give our dentists the opportunity to prepare a treatment plan and effectively deal with unusual growth.

At-home preventative care

Some of the best care starts in front of your bathroom mirror. The dentists and hygienists at KA Dental will work with patients young and old to develop daily routines that will lead to cleaner, whiter teeth and healthier gums. Patients will be encouraged to brush twice a day, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash after each brushing, and floss as often as possible to keep decay from gaining a foothold on your teeth. It’s a message patients will hear repeatedly at KA Dental.

Restorative and cosmetic services

Very few patients navigate childhood and adolescence without getting a cavity or two. When additional dental services are needed, KA Dental can provide restorative and cosmetic treatments to fill cavities, repair broken or chipped teeth, or whiten teeth that have become dull because of neglect, overuse, grinding, or other factors. KA Dental is here to provide a superior level of care, regardless of the circumstances.

If you’re looking for a family dentist Palm Beach County to care for the dental needs of your family, contact the KA Dental office in Boynton Beach today at 561.556.4082 to schedule a free consultation. Come in and meet our dentists and staff and see why your family will receive superior dental care. If you would rather schedule a consultation online, visit

We look forward to the opportunity to treat your family!


November 22, 2020 best dentistfamily dentist

If you are a parent with a young family, it is imperative that you find a family dentist Palm Beach County that can care for the dental care of you and your young children.

Studies show that children who start seeing a dentist at an early age are far more likely to have healthy teeth when they become adults. Caring for the teeth of young patients is one of the reasons KA Dental is recognized as the best dentist Palm Beach County.

At KA Dental’s state-of-the-art office in Jupiter, FL, our team is a family dentist Palm Beach County that is guided by Dr. Krunal Patel and Dr. Aditi Patel, who both have extensive experience in caring for the teeth and gums of young patients. They will get your children started on a high-quality preventative care plan that will include regular check-ups, twice-a-year cleanings, and regular X-rays to monitor the growth of your child’s teeth.

Because every parent strives to find the best dentist Palm Beach County, our team will also work with your child to develop an at-home dental routine that will keep their teeth clean and healthy. Our hygienists will show our young patients how to properly brush their teeth, how to get the best results from regular flossing, and introduce them to antiseptic mouthwashes that they can use to rinse their teeth after each brushing.

If your child makes the commitment to a better oral health care routine at home, the KA Dental team is confident our young patients will have fewer cavities and grow up with healthier teeth overall.

As a family dentist Palm Beach County, KA Dental also offers other services that can help your child or children grow up with healthier teeth.

  • Dental sealants: When children get their first set of molars, a sealant can be applied to the molars to protect the chewing surfaces. As children chew their food, pits and grooves can develop. These pits and grooves are places where decay and bacteria will attack, leading to cavities of other dental problems. The thin plastic layer of a sealant will cover these pits and grooves protect your child’s molars. A second application of sealant is recommended when your child’s adult teeth begin to emerge.
  • Athletic mouthguards: Statistics show that nearly 40 percent of sports injuries to children involve some form of facial contact. Teeth and gum damage, and to some degree concussions, can be limited if your child is wearing a custom-made mouth guard from KA Dental. During an office visit, an impression will be taken so your child’s mouth guard fits perfectly and will better protect their teeth if an accidental collision occurs. Even if your child isn’t involved in sports activities, a custom-made mouth guard will protect the teeth of your child while they sleep. Teeth grinding is a common dental problem and can cause significant dental issues if left untreated.

Find out why KA Dental is considered one of the best dentists Palm Beach County when it comes to the care and treatment of our young patients. Call the KA Dental office in Jupiter today at 561.258.9239 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll meet with you and your child and begin to establish a rapport that we hope will last for many years.

If you would rather schedule an appointment online, visit While you’re on our website, see the many other services that KA Dental performs. We look forward to treating your family.