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June 26, 2021 best dentistBlog

KA Dental in Boynton Beach, FL, can be called the best dentist Palm Beach County because our dental practice provides more than just general dentistry. Among the many services we give to our patients includes implants, braces, dentures, teeth whitening, and more. From filling cavities to smile makeovers, we do it all at KA Dental.

Our family-friendly staff will try its best to make you as comfortable as possible, regardless of the procedure you’re scheduled to receive. As the best dentist Palm Beach County, we strive to perform high-quality general dental treatments even if it’s nothing more than a teeth whitening or teeth cleaning.

We offer compassionate dental care for children, many of whom could be making their first trip to our Boynton Beach office. Because some children can have a crippling fear of the dentist (and who could blame them if they’re being exposed to a treatment where a sharp, cold, metal object is being used on the inside of their mouth), we make every effort to ensure that a young patient is aware of the treatment that is being performed. We also let them know that they can ask for a brief stoppage in the treatment they are receiving at any time.

For a young child who is having a cleaning or any other type of procedure for the first time, there can be some anxious moments. It is completely normal to be afraid, but our dentists and staff have the training to help children find a comfort level where even more difficult procedures can be performed without the child expressing fear or stress.

One solution: Oral numbing

Our oral sedation service is one possible solution if a child or adult patient is prone to anxiety during a visit. By numbing the mouth, patients don’t feel any pain as the treatments are performed. Of course, patients will feel the prick of a needle as the numbing solution is administered, but drilling for cavities or other more difficult procedures can be performed without the possibility of pain.

If oral sedation is used during a procedure, patients need to be aware that their mouths will be numb for a period after leaving our office. Until the numbness subsides, patients need to be careful if they try to eat until full feeling is regained. Patients can bite their lips or have difficulty swallowing if their mouths are still numb.

The team at our office in Boynton Beach specializes in treatments and dental procedures that make it the best dentist Palm Beach County because we care deeply about our patients. If you’re a parent, we want the best for your spouse and family. If you don’t have a family, we want to make sure you don’t have problems with future tooth issues that could lead to decay, cavities, and even worse, the need for a root canal.

Cavities, fillings, and crowns

There’s a likely progression once a patient begins to develop cavities. Cavities should be treated soon after they are detected. The most common treatment for a cavity is a filling, which replaces the damaged portion of the tooth. Dentists can use the traditional silver amalgam material to fill the cavity in the tooth or a newer porcelain material.

If the decay in the tooth is severe and too much of the tooth must be removed to get rid of the decay, the dentist may install a crown on top of the tooth after the cavity is filled. A crown serves as a protective cap that prevents further damage to the tooth (and the filling for that matter) and will protect it for as many as 10 years.

We take a mold of a tooth or teeth so the crown can be fabricated. KA Dental has an advanced technology dental lab where the crown will be fabricated using the latest in cutting-edge dental technology, saving the patient time and money. When the crown is ready, patients return to our dental center for a final appointment.

If you are suffering from teeth that are prone to bacteria and decay, ask about our family dentistry services when you call for an appointment. Our services include dental health plans for children and adults, which features preventative dentistry services such as regular exams, teeth cleaning, and digital X-rays.

If you need to find a dentist that can take care of the entire family, give our office in Boynton Beach a call. We have become one of the best dentist Palm Beach County because of our incredible customer service.

For more information regarding our services, visit our website or give us a call at our Boynton Beach Office (561) 556-4082.


June 10, 2021 best dentistBlog

Why does the KA Dental office in West Palm Beach, FL, have a reputation for being the best dentist Palm Beach County?

It starts with our professional staff and continues through each and every one of our services. One of the most common dental procedures we perform is the extraction of wisdom teeth, which can be performed as a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. Relieving pain caused by an impacted wisdom tooth is one of the many reasons why we’re known as the best dentist Palm Beach County.

We know that wisdom teeth can be a pain to cope with once they start to emerge. In some cases, wisdom teeth can start developing in adolescents when they are 14 or 15 years old. Sometimes known as “third molars”, wisdom teeth should begin to emerge when patients are between the ages of 17 and 25. However, wisdom teeth are unpredictable and we’ve seen them begin to emerge in patients between the ages of 45 and 50, although these instances are rare.

Wisdom teeth

The term “third molars” was given to wisdom teeth because of how late they start to develop. People have four wisdom teeth that can decide to pop up whenever they feel like it. In some cases, you will be lucky enough to have only your top or bottom two wisdom teeth emerge. When they do break through, they can cause an absurd amount of pain within the gum and jaw.

The pain is created by the wisdom teeth putting pressure on the rear molars. into your back molars, thus, resulting in pain or in some cases, lock-jaw or worse. To see if your wisdom teeth are beginning to emerge, we’ll use our advanced digital X-ray technology to take a look. Based on what we see on the X-ray, we’ll put together an appropriate treatment plan.

We may be able to pull the painful wisdom teeth if enough of the tooth has emerged, or we may have to perform a surgical extraction if the tooth is impacted. An impacted tooth means it has not broken through the gum, or is blocked by another tooth, and will have to be removed by our surgical team.

We are known as the best dentist Palm Beach County for our flexibility and the many patients we have taken great care of in the past. Our general dentistry is as good or better than most other dental practices in West Palm Beach and we’ll help you or a family member get that amazing smile back.

Negative effects of wisdom teeth

Here at KA Dental, we want to prevent the negative effects that wisdom teeth can produce. If wisdom teeth are not taken out in a timely fashion, they can become impacted, which can cause other complications, including serious root and bone damage to your healthy molars. Sometimes, this can result in an infection or can cause a cyst that can also damage roots and bone support. That is why we recommend that you don’t wait if you are experiencing pain and discomfort because having healthy teeth is important to a person’s overall health. At KA Dental, we provide services and treatment that will keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. That’s why we’re the best dentist in Palm Beach County.

To book a consultation appointment visit our website or give us a call at (561) 258-9228. At KA Dental, our job is to keep you and your family comfortable with the smile you were born with. Otherwise, we are not doing our job correctly. Let us help you maintain your overall dental health.


May 4, 2021 best dentistBlog

When it comes to getting the highest quality dental care, there is no better place to go than KA Dental. With five conveniently located offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Boynton Beach, it is no surprise that KA Dental acts as the best dentist in Palm Beach County.

At our state-of-the-art dental center, we believe that everyone deserves to have high-quality care without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Here at our gorgeous facility in Royal Palm Beach, we treat our patients with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Unlike many dental offices, our staff values everything that goes into the dental care experience — from the moment you walk through the door until you are 100% satisfied.

With our advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment procedures, the professionals here at KA Dental are trained to provide a wide array of services. On top of the everyday brushing and flossing instructions that come with general dental practices, our team is capable of performing preventive, pediatric, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

These top treatments include dental implants, hybrid denture technology, and much, much more. Our staff is also able to produce porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, and perform safe, painless extractions. This even includes much-needed treatments like root canal therapy for patients who are in constant pain from a tooth that is severely decayed. No matter the treatment or dental surgery, our office is sure to have exactly what you need to perfect your smile.

Our professionals are also trained to detect any kind of oral health oddities that may be of risk to your or your loved one. Gum disease, bone loss, and oral cancer are all detectable conditions that we look for at our facilities, and our staff will be sure to provide the best preventative care available. Whether coming in for a cleaning or hybrid dentures, KA Dental places the utmost importance on your dental health.

Within our cosmetic dentistry services includes our amazing teeth whitening system. With the best dentist in Palm Beach County, specifically cosmetic dentists, KA Dental can create the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Utilizing an excellent tray whitening system, our cosmetic dentists will start by taking an impression of your teeth. They will then create a custom whitening tray tailored just for you. Lastly, using our excellent whitening gels, KA Dental can improve the color of your teeth by as many as 8 different shades in just a couple of visits..

KA Dental’s smile makeover services extend into orthodontics and preventive dentistry as well. No matter your age, our experts will be able to straighten your teeth so that you can enjoy a bright and beautiful smile.

So, when it comes to treating your smile, make sure you are getting the service you need at the best dentist in Palm Beach County. When you choose KA Dental, you are choosing the absolute best in preventive, pediatric, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. In addition to our care, we also work closely with all major insurance plans, and help you maximize benefits to keep your treatments affordable. Regardless of your need, our team will ensure that you are in good hands.

Feel free to visit us online where we can provide even more information, or contact us at 561.258.9215. You can also visit our office in Royal Palm Beach, located at The Cross Roads Plaza, 1112 Royal Palm Beach Blvd., Royal Palm Beach, FL. We hope to see you soon.


If you’re lacking the confident and beautiful smile that you think you should have, maybe it’s time to consider some of the smile makeover services at KA Dental’s office in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

KA Dental offers all the traditional dental care and smile makeover services, including porcelain veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening. But what makes KA Dental the best dentist in Palm Beach County is the additional high-quality cosmetic dentistry services that can be provided at any of our five offices in the county.

For people who would like their faces to look more youthful, KA Dental has recently added Botox and Juvederm injection treatments to its list of cosmetic dentistry services. It’s not uncommon for dentists to administer injection treatments to patients as a way to make previous cosmetic dentistry work look even better. It’s one of the reasons why KA Dental is recognized as the best dentist in Palm Beach County.

Botox and Juvederm are injection treatments, but there are many differences between the two types of treatment. If a part of your smile makeover includes the desire to have either of these treatments, a consultation should be scheduled with Dr. Aditi Patel or Dr. Krunal Patel to determine which treatment is the best for you.

Here are some of the differences between the two treatments.

A Botox treatment injects clostridium botulinum bacteria into the face, which reduces muscle activity and minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. No anesthesia is required and the only discomfort is the needle entries to the face. Most patients use a cold compress to eliminate any pain or discomfort and can resume normal activities immediately. Botox treatments are effective for only about 3 to 4 months.

A Juvederm treatment injects hyaluronic acid into the face. The acid hydrates the face, making the skin look more youthful. Juvederm is most effective when treating smile lines on the sides of the mouth. Juvederm is a more expensive treatment but will last longer, usually 6 months or more. Bruising, swelling, and pain are common side effects.

Juvederm is a dermal filler, meaning it actually fills the “laugh lines” or wrinkles on the side of the mouth rather than preventing contraction of the muscles like Botox. Juvederm will increase the pout size of the face, giving it a more plump appearance.

Either of these treatments can be performed at KA Dental by scheduling an appointment today. The KA Dental office in Palm Beach Gardens can be reached by calling 561.258.9231, or you can go online at to schedule a consultation with the best dentist Palm Beach County.

Take your smile makeover to the next level with help from the dental services by our team at KA Dental.


November 22, 2020 best dentistfamily dentist

If you are a parent with a young family, it is imperative that you find a family dentist Palm Beach County that can care for the dental care of you and your young children.

Studies show that children who start seeing a dentist at an early age are far more likely to have healthy teeth when they become adults. Caring for the teeth of young patients is one of the reasons KA Dental is recognized as the best dentist Palm Beach County.

At KA Dental’s state-of-the-art office in Jupiter, FL, our team is a family dentist Palm Beach County that is guided by Dr. Krunal Patel and Dr. Aditi Patel, who both have extensive experience in caring for the teeth and gums of young patients. They will get your children started on a high-quality preventative care plan that will include regular check-ups, twice-a-year cleanings, and regular X-rays to monitor the growth of your child’s teeth.

Because every parent strives to find the best dentist Palm Beach County, our team will also work with your child to develop an at-home dental routine that will keep their teeth clean and healthy. Our hygienists will show our young patients how to properly brush their teeth, how to get the best results from regular flossing, and introduce them to antiseptic mouthwashes that they can use to rinse their teeth after each brushing.

If your child makes the commitment to a better oral health care routine at home, the KA Dental team is confident our young patients will have fewer cavities and grow up with healthier teeth overall.

As a family dentist Palm Beach County, KA Dental also offers other services that can help your child or children grow up with healthier teeth.

  • Dental sealants: When children get their first set of molars, a sealant can be applied to the molars to protect the chewing surfaces. As children chew their food, pits and grooves can develop. These pits and grooves are places where decay and bacteria will attack, leading to cavities of other dental problems. The thin plastic layer of a sealant will cover these pits and grooves protect your child’s molars. A second application of sealant is recommended when your child’s adult teeth begin to emerge.
  • Athletic mouthguards: Statistics show that nearly 40 percent of sports injuries to children involve some form of facial contact. Teeth and gum damage, and to some degree concussions, can be limited if your child is wearing a custom-made mouth guard from KA Dental. During an office visit, an impression will be taken so your child’s mouth guard fits perfectly and will better protect their teeth if an accidental collision occurs. Even if your child isn’t involved in sports activities, a custom-made mouth guard will protect the teeth of your child while they sleep. Teeth grinding is a common dental problem and can cause significant dental issues if left untreated.

Find out why KA Dental is considered one of the best dentists Palm Beach County when it comes to the care and treatment of our young patients. Call the KA Dental office in Jupiter today at 561.258.9239 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll meet with you and your child and begin to establish a rapport that we hope will last for many years.

If you would rather schedule an appointment online, visit While you’re on our website, see the many other services that KA Dental performs. We look forward to treating your family.