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We’re a Dependable Emergency Dentist Palm Beach County

11 May 2021

At KA Dental, we recognize that despite the best intentions, sometimes life gets in the way of a person and the picture perfect smile of their dreams. Cracked teeth, lost fillings, dental infections, and even a knocked out tooth are just a few of the things that can happen on any given day.

Whether you're seeking care for escalating health issues or a weekend emergency, our team of dependable, skilled professionals can help. If you need to visit our emergency dentist Palm Beach County for any type of dental service, we guarantee your visit will be worth smiling about.

When it comes to something like dental treatments, our staff knows all too well that emergency dental services such as a root canal can make a patient anxious about receiving treatment, even if the patient is experiencing constant pain and discomfort in their mouth. With the No. 1 emergency dentist in West Palm Beach, FL, our team at KA Dental guarantees quality and compassionate care even when a patient is facing one of the most notorious dental procedures.

If you are experiencing a dental abscess, dental pain, or inflamed gums, you may be at risk of permanent tooth damage or tooth loss. In such an instance, a patient would be in desperate need of treatment. If the patient is in need of an emergency root canal procedure, the inner portion of a tooth can become damaged by infection or decay and the tooth root may be at risk of removal.

The root canal process is designed to save the tooth from extraction by removing the infected living material inside it and replacing it with a special medicated filling. A tooth that has received a root canal treatment will retain the original tooth structure and integrity of the natural tooth while also having its function and appearance fully restored.

Compared to a root canal, treatments such as damaged teeth and gums, a broken tooth, crowns, and fillings may seem like insignificant procedures. But our emergency dentist Palm Beach County is aware that a patient wants every treatment to be easy and stress-free with as few complications as possible.

Procedures including gum disease, in particular, can require a myriad of different treatment options. If one of our dentists notices a patient with unhealthy gums, they will work with the patient to make sure that the treatment process best serves your oral health.

Our most prevalent treatment of gum disease features a unique process of scaling and root planning. This treatment is a deep cleaning technique used to treat gum disease, which removes all the plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. Using our advanced dental technology in the emergency room, we are also able to smooth a tooth’s roots, which helps the gums reattach to the teeth. As an alternate solution, we may also utilize advanced dental implant technology to further perfect your smile.

So take the first step toward a perfect smile and get in touch with KA Dental, your No. 1 emergency dentist Palm Beach County. You can call our office at (561) 484-5079, email us at, schedule a day appointment request through our website, or visit our dental office at 2596 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406.

With the best of the best in emergency dental care, our staff is sure to keep your smile looking its best, no matter the circumstances. Whenever you need us, we’ll be right here for you.

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Meet us at one of our conveniently located practices

All Locations enjoy easy access to the same technology and team., visit us at the closest location to you.

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