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The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment at KA Dental

01 December 2020

More and more patients are asking about Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County from KA Dental.

Invisalign is becoming more popular among patients because it is an alternative to traditional braces. Instead of wearing the bulky brackets and wires for years, patients who receive Invisalign treatment from KA Dental will wear clear plastic trays that don’t involve wires, elastic bands, or bulky metal appliances.

At the KA Dental office in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, our team has the expertise to evaluate the condition and position of your teeth and recommend if Invisalign treatment is right for you. In some cases, Invisalign may not be recommended as the best course of treatment, especially if significant movement is required to realign and straighten the teeth.

Invisalign can still be a significant commitment of time and expense for patients. The plastic aligners may need to be worn for as long as 24 months, and patients will have to be disciplined and wear the trays consistently to achieve the desired movement. If patients wear the trays sporadically, the teeth will not move enough to achieve the proper results, or the time patients are required to wear the trays will have to be increased.

The cost for Invisalign treatment can be as much or more than traditional braces, another reason patients need to be committed to wearing the aligners all the time. Removing the trays to eat, and to brush following a meal should be the only time they are removed during each 24-hour period.

Each computer-generated set of trays will be worn for about two weeks. A new set of trays based on a computer model of your mouth and teeth will replace the old ones. Each new set of trays will create movement of the teeth based on the computer model.

Patients who have worn Invisalign trays say these are the reasons they would recommend the treatment to other patients.

Discreet appearance: The Invisalign trays are almost unnoticeable. If patients don’t tell their family and friends they are wearing the trays, they may go undetected. Patients report less anxiety in social situations and greater self-esteem while they are wearing the trays.

Follow the treatment: Before the first set of trays are given to a patient, a computer model based on the patient’s mouth and teeth will show the movement that will be initiated and the end results, provided patients remain committed to wearing the aligners. Each time new trays are ready, patients can see the progress the treatment is creating.

More comfort and less pain: For anyone who has worn traditional braces, the few days following an adjustment can include intense jaw and tooth pain. The metal wires can also cause cuts or abrasions in the mouth and jaw, which can be quite uncomfortable. That isn’t the case with Invisalign because adjustments are more precise and there’s no metal or wires.

If you’re considering an Invisalign treatment in Palm Beach County, call the team at the KA Dental office in (561) 624-7988 and schedule a consultation. Consultations can also be scheduled online. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

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