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Straighten Crooked Teeth With Braces from KA Dental

08 December 2020

There’s no perfect age for people to begin wearing braces. While many of us wore braces as adolescents, plenty of adults were wearing braces at the same time.

In the U.S. right now, as many as 4 million Americans are currently wearing braces, with at least 1 million of that total being adults, according to health insurance statistics. Regardless of your age, if you have crooked or crowded teeth that are currently affecting your bite, or may slowly be causing you to change the way you speak, you should schedule a consultation immediately with the Palm Beach orthodontist at KA Dental in Royal Palm Beach, FL.

People who have misaligned, crowded, or crooked teeth often learn to live with the problems these conditions can create in a person’s mouth. Problem teeth can cause speech difficulties because the jaw adjusts to the extra pressure and moves to compensate. If not corrected, these changes can cause serious complications later in life.

KA Dental is a Palm Beach orthodontist that can evaluate potential dental problems in children and advise adults who may be living with misaligned and crowded teeth that are causing significant changes in the jaw and mouth. Other problems that can be caused by misaligned or crowded teeth include various types of periodontal disease or teeth that become chipped because of an uneven bite.

For patients who are experiencing any of these orthodontic care issues, help is available at KA Dental. Dr. Aditi Patel will conduct a free consultation to help determine possible orthodontic treatments and outline a suitable solution that will restore a patient’s beautiful smile.

If the decision is made to forward with braces, a full set of X-rays will be taken so Dr. Patel can see exactly where the patient’s teeth and roots are located. When the braces are applied, the brackets are attached to a wire that is adjusted by the Palm Beach orthodontist at KA Dental during each visit to promote the movement that is necessary to realign the teeth.

Today’s braces can be made from materials other than metal, which makes the appliances less noticeable to family, friends, and colleagues if that’s the style you prefer. Children, adolescents, and young adults can choose from colors and bands that express their personalities or unique lifestyles. Your Palm Beach orthodontist at KA Dental will help you decide which styles are available.

Age will determine how long you will have to wear braces. It’s a fact that it takes longer to correct tooth and jaw problems in adults, so an adult should expect to wear braces for a minimum of 3 years, sometimes as many as 4 years may be required to properly correct the issue. Children usually need to wear braces for no longer than 2 years.

The most common dental issue that is corrected by braces is straightening teeth that have grown in crooked. Overcrowding is another common correction. Both of these problems can lead to more severe dental issues in the future. Overcrowded teeth make brushing and flossing more difficult, which often leads to decay, gingivitis, or other types of periodontal disease. Teeth that grow in crooked can block adjacent teeth from emerging, creating impacted teeth that can be quite painful and need to be surgically removed.

Correcting teeth that are crooked or crowded with braces can help eliminate dental problems that could emerge as you age. It may lead to some awkward photos or uncomfortable moments for a child or young adult, and a big commitment of time for older adults, but the benefits should far outweigh the awkward moments or time commitment.

For a Palm Beach orthodontist with years of experience, call the KA Dental office in (561) 795-1404 to schedule a consultation. If you’d rather schedule a consultation online, visit /. We look forward to helping correct your orthodontic issues.

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