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27 October 2021

If you’re old enough, you might remember your father, or possibly even your grandfather, popping out one of his dentures to scare you when you were just a child. Dentures are not a common dental treatment anymore, but there are still occasions when dentures are used to restore a significant amount of teeth in patients. If you are suffering from a serious dental condition or have lost a number of teeth in an accident, you can get the best dentures Palm Beach County at KA Dental in Boynton Beach, FL.

Dentures were once used quite frequently because people did not make a habit of seeing their dentist on a regular basis. People went to the dentist when they “had a problem” and did not go to the dentist for annual check-ups, X-rays, and what are now considered normal twice-a-year cleanings.

People nowadays practice much better oral health than their ancestors, so fewer people experience devastating dental conditions that would require entire sections of teeth to be removed and replaced with full or partial dentures. But if needed, the best dentures Palm Beach County can be provided by our team at KA Dental.

The most common reason a patient may need dentures now is because of a severe accident that has caused the patient to lose a number of teeth. This would include car accidents, collisions that occur in contact sports, or workplace mishaps where people are struck in the face.

Our office specializes in restorative treatments and is known to create some of the best dentures Palm Beach County. We make that possible because of our in-house dental lab that allows us to create and fabricate dentures in our own lab rather than send them out to a remote location for fabrication.

Our on-site lab means our patients spend less time waiting for an appliance to be finished and will spend less money on their treatments. It’s just another reason why our team at KA Dental is able to deliver the best dentures Palm Beach County. Depending on your particular need, the technicians in our lab can fabricate both full and partial dentures depending on the type of appliance a particular patient requires.

One of the most important functions of a denture is to help patients speak and eat normally again. When patients are missing teeth, they also struggle to speak and chew as they should. When speaking, the tongue needs to be able to push against a full set of teeth to form sounds. When chewing, a patient needs corresponding teeth to grind food so it can be properly digested.

Dentures restore a natural barrier for your tongue and move it farther back into your mouth, which restores a natural speaking position.

Dentures also make it easier for people to maintain proper oral hygiene. People who have missing or damaged teeth are more likely to have bad oral hygiene habits, which leads to gingivitis and bad breath.

With dentures, bad breath is easily remedied. Because the metal used in denture design helps keep odor from permeating through the enamel of the teeth, there will be less foul-smelling substances absorbed from foods or drinks.

KA Dental also offers implant-retained dentures, another reason we are recognized for the best dentures Palm Beach County. Implant-retained dentures are essentially implants that hold the denture in place. It provides a sturdier base for the denture and encourages bone growth in your jaw.

Talk to your dentist before undergoing any type of cosmetic dentistry, just to be sure you are making the best decision. Be sure to weigh all the positives and negatives of any potential procedure and always inquire about how much a particular procedure is going to cost and verify coverage with your insurance before beginning any treatment.

Call KA Dental today to schedule a consultation for the best dentures Palm Beach County. Reach our Boynton Beach office at (561) 737-2000 or click here to schedule an appointment online.

While you’re on our website, take a look at all of our other services. We’ll see you soon!

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