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Advanced Technology in Our New Dental Lab

The team at KA Dental is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional dentistry. A big part of that commitment is staying on top of the latest in technology to offer you truly state-of-the-art care. That’s why we are proud to share news of our new dental lab — it is equipped with everything necessary to provide comfortable, quality dental care.

We have outfitted our lab with an on-site ceramist, digital imaging, and more. Let us walk you through our new dental lab, and tell you about how you’ll benefit from improved care with the latest dental technology at KA Dental!









3Shape Lab Scanner Increases Accuracy and Comfort

Need a dental crown? You can forget about those uncomfortable traditional dental impressions. Many people with sensitive gag reflexes find this method of modeling your mouth intolerable. With the 3Shape lab scanner, we can take a digital impression of your teeth and the surrounding oral structures — completely eliminating the need for messy, uncomfortable cement.

Digital impressions are a faster, far more comfortable alternative to what you’re used to. This technology is not only easier for the patient — it also provides us with a more accurate image of your mouth. Digital impressions are ultra-precise, improving treatment planning for a more successful outcomes. Thanks to the 3Shape lab scanner, patients enjoy a dental crown that fits better from day one.

The benefits of the digital workflow made possible with the 3Shape Lab Scanner are significant. Some of these advantages include:

  • Faster turnaround for your crown
  • A crown that fits better, and a reduced need for remakes or re-fittings
  • Far more comfortable for the patient

Idanis – Lab Technician

On-Site Ceramist Adds a Wealth of Experience

In addition to the Roland Milling machine, we have also added a highly experienced ceramist to our new dental lab for crafting beautiful restorations. With more than 40 years of experience in the dental laboratory, our ceramist artfully crafts gorgeous, lifelike restorations that blend beautifully with the rest of your smile.

Forget waiting two weeks for your new crown and wasting valuable sick leave or vacation time visiting the dentist multiple times. When we have everything needed for restorations located under just one roof, you enjoy crown delivery in 24 hours. That’s a significant benefit for everyone involved.

Experience Increased Convenience and Comfort

Are you in need of a dental crown or other restorative dental care? Visit KA Dental and check out our new dental lab — we know you’ll be impressed by what we can do with state-of-the-art care! Schedule an appointment today

Richard has accumulated more than 40 years of dental lab experience in making high quality dentures.

Sergio – Lab Technician