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All on 4 hybrid denture

April 03, 2017

Being in a technical world, every individual has an ease of access to the internet, hence, developed an interest of Precognition. For all the individuals who'd like to know the process and benefits of Hybrid Denture at KA Dental.

Why search multiple websites about the Hybrid Denture procedures, when we have everything at the KA Dental blog. (more…)

3 shape Intra oral scanner and dental designing [email protected] KA DENTAL

March 17, 2017

3 shape Intra oral scanner and dental designing softwareKA Dental Group is parallel with the technology and innovation. The absolute most advanced combination for Cosmetic Dentistry has come as computerized innovation at KA Dental Royal Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, FL.

Still have questions? May be not after you visit to, KA Cosmetic Dentistry, we have the most advanced solution for you "The 3 shape intra oral scanner" (more…)

Dentist in Royal Palm Beach, FL Has In-House Dental Lab

December 20, 2016

In-house dental lab with my dentist in Royal Palm Beach, FL.You’re the type of person that wants everything to be done fast, but with the utmost quality. You’re simply too busy to wait, but you never want to sacrifice excellence. If you need to get one of your teeth repaired, you want it done quickly, and you want it done right so you can move on with your life. For a person like you, the in-house dental lab at KA Dental, your dentist in Royal Palm Beach, FL, can give you exactly what you want. (more…)

How Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach Gardens, FL Works

December 13, 2016

How does teeth whitening in Palm Beach Gardens, FL work?Nothing caps off the end of the week like a nice full glass of wine. The weekend really starts when you hear the cork pop out of the bottle. At that moment, the only thing you have to worry about is what to have with it…at least that was the plan. As you’re brushing your teeth that evening, you notice your teeth are distinctly yellow. What happened? Unfortunately, wine is one of the most common things than can stain your teeth. However, you can get your bright, white smile back with teeth whitening in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. (more…)

4 Easy Tips with Your Dentist in Jupiter, FL

December 2, 2016

Your dentist in Jupiter, FL has a few tips to keep your teeth healthy and clean between visits.The truth of the matter is that there are 365 days in a year, and you probably only see your dentist on 2 of them. Seeing as how your smile is kind of a permanent thing, what should you do with the other 363 days to make sure your teeth are well taken care of? Fortunately, a few daily habits can make all the difference when it comes to your smile. Your dentist in Jupiter, FL at KA Dental has 4 simple tips to keep your teeth looking great between dental visits. (more…)

Don’t Throw Your Money Away! Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist in Jupiter, FL

November 29, 2016

How can my dentist in Jupiter, FL save me $1000?The end of the year can be financially stressful for families. While the holiday season is very festive, it can also very demanding of your time and money. Gifts for everyone and trips to see friends and family can be expensive, and the absolute last thing you want to deal with an unforeseen dental issue. This is why it is the perfect time of year to schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Jupiter, FL at KA Dental. In fact, they could potentially save you money2 with a simple check-up. (more…)

Everything About Dentures in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

October 9, 2016

What do I need to know about dentures in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?As you’re sitting on your porch, the water before you is still and the sunset is just starting to color the horizon. The breeze is gently moving the grass and all seems calm. However, your mind is hard at work. You are missing most of your teeth, so you have to plan dinner unless you want to be stuck with soup or apple sauce. You usually end up boiling a variety vegetables, which make them easier to eat but often removes all the flavor. All the salt and pepper in the world doesn’t help. The whole point of this time in your life is to relax and not have to think ahead, but rather let the day come to you. Your teeth are the last thing that should bring you worry. The team at KA Dental want to give you your peace of mind back, and a set of dentures in Palm Beach Gardens, FL could be your perfect solution. (more…)

Save Money at the Dentist in Jupiter, FL

September 28, 2016

No need to break the bank at the dentist in Jupiter, FL with our In-House Discount PlanMany things change as you get older. Most of the time these changes are positive, such as being more independent and being able to enjoy a wider variety of things. Unfortunately even the less than desirable parts of life can change as well, but still remain negative. Your anxiety from going to the dentist used to come from the misconception that you would experience a lot of discomfort. Years have shown you otherwise, but now as an adult, you have a fresh source of anxiety: the bill. Nothing the dentist can do to you can make you wince more than seeing the cost of dental care. It can be very expensive without dental insurance, which you may not be able to afford. KA Dental can now accommodate a patient just like you so you can get the care you need from the dentist in Jupiter, FL with the KA Discount In-House Discount Plan. (more…)

Jupiter, FL Dentist Offers Flexible Office Hours

August 21, 2016

For your convenience, KA Dental is the Jupiter, FL dentist that offers flexible hours. Are you busy? Just kidding—we already know the answer to that question. Of course you’re busy! Between work, kids, school, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, family and friends, you probably feel like you are being pulled in many directions at one time. Despite all of life’s activities, there is one obligation that you really should not overlook: a dental checkup. Fortunately, Jupiter, FL dentist KA Dental offers convenient hours so we can take care of your family’s smiles while you take care of practically everything else!


Your Jupiter Dentist Explains How a Cavity Develops and How to Prevent Them

July 29, 2016

dentist in Jupiter FLIf you’ve been to the dentist, chances are you’ve been told that you have a cavity. While a cavity is a fairly common occurrence, cavities are easily preventable. However, most people don’t understand cavities, such as how they develop. As your dentist in Jupiter FL, we are here to help you understand how cavities develop and what you can do to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Want to Redesign Your Smile? Contact Your Jupiter Dentist for Porcelain Veneers

June 13, 2016

porcelain veneers in Jupiter FLIf you have a smile that is less than perfect, you can get the glamorous smile makeover you’ve always wanted with porcelain veneers from your cosmetic dentist in Jupiter FL. Porcelain veneers allow you to instantly transform your smile using a simple and noninvasive procedure that produces dramatic results. By attaching natural-looking false fronts to the teeth, you’ll hide cosmetic flaws while improving the overall shape of the teeth. The diverse uses of the veneers provide a simpler and cost-effective means to get the amazing smile you’ve always wanted without having to undergo more extensive or costly procedures. KA Dental Group offers porcelain veneers in Jupiter FL to effectively transform your smile.

We’ve Got 3 Convenient Locations for All Your Dental Needs

May 5, 2016

dentist in jupiterWhen it comes to quality dentistry, KA Dental has you and your family covered in our part of the state. Here’s what that means: we’re your dentist in Jupiter FL. We’re also your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens FL. And you know what else? KA Dental is your dentist in Royal Palm Beach FL, too. Our team is happy to offer comprehensive dental care at all three of our locations. You can trust Dr. Krunal Patel, Dr. Aditi Patel and Dr. Jelena Vathielil to keep you and those you love most smiling strong for years to come!


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